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Willow Day's profile Image

I was encouraged by the year 2020 to create a project regarding the theme of 2020s silver linings. In my work, I focused on what good came out of a challenging time and how we have benefited from it in the long run.

Throughout my year at Condé Nast I have discovered that creative direction and fashion design is what I want to further develop in my career.

You can view some of my best work here.

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Perspective (Glass Half Full)

Throughout the year 2020 people have been challenged, this has created a new sense of gratitude for all of the smaller things in life and we can reevaluate how we view a situation whether that be ‘glass half full or half empty’. This has enabled people to truly look for the silver lining of every circumstance no matter how big or small that silver lining may be.

Cover image for Fragility of Life

Fragility of Life

A sense of shock was felt by many as the pandemic started in 2020 as we soon realised how fragile life truly is and how quickly it can change. Allowing people to decreasingly take things for granted truly showed us how uncertain everything is. I portrayed this through the use of dappled light and soft tones which feel delicate, also emphasized in the movement of the hair to create a soft feeling as the fine strands move across the face.

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The Complexity Of The Mind

For the short video, I wanted to create a concept that can be perceived differently by every spectator. It explores the complexities of the mind through varying colours and quick cuts, this highlights a fast and overwhelming atmosphere. The symbols of fire, water, and lights signify travel, juxtaposing our reality as we have had to sit with ourselves and truly learn in the process.

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Vogue Covers

For our ‘Vogue Covers’ project, I focused on the topic of sustainability, touching on topics such as children's rights and the importance of our ecosystem.

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(Silver Linings) The Biography of Conceptualization

The creative process of my independent portfolio has been documented within a printed book, detailing the significance of each step of this journey.

About the course

The Vogue Foundation Programme is an introductory course that will prepare students for further study in higher education. The focus is on creative practice and students will develop practical visual and digital-design skills using the authoritative Vogue: Voice of a Century as the main source of inspiration.