Vina Suwandi

Vogue Fashion Foundation Programme

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I have always wanted to try to explore more on my passion for photography. Aiming to be into fashion marketing in the future, learning and exploring how to make images is one of the things I find important. In the Vogue Foundation Course, I have learned a lot from fashion history to make your own story for a project.

The course has helped me improve myself in being a creative.

Still Life - Duality

I have chosen to show a selection of images styled and shot by myself, that explore the theme of ‘Duality’. My photography explores how the featured objects can be seen in both heavy and light through their materials and silhouettes, but can also be interpreted as soft and feminine.

Still Life 1 - Duality Image
My Work 2: Still Life - Duality
My Work 3: Still Life - Duality Image

About the course

The Vogue Foundation Programme is an introductory course that will prepare students for further study in higher education. The focus is on creative practice and students will develop practical visual and digital-design skills using the authoritative Vogue: Voice of a Century as the main source of inspiration.