Theodore Greindl

Vogue Foundation Programme

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From editorial work and fashion films, visual analysis, and media practice, to styling, creative direction, and design, I’ve been able to truly exercise my creativity.



Condé Nast has enabled me to give my creativity the attention it has longed to receive.


My Work

A collection of responses to the questionings of the artistic self.

In One's Mind Creative Industries Project

“In One’s Mind” Creative Industries Project

An immersive experience into the mind of one who aspires to create and innovate with the freedom of individualization. Created as part of the Creative Industries Module.

Editorial & Visual Culture

Editorial & Visual Culture

Exploring visual narratives and expressing an individual approach to fashion images. Experimenting with editorial-style layouts.

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Final Independent Project

Enduring the pandemic while completing the course has pushed us to use our imagination and we have had to be very resourceful. Here is a collection of creations made from home. What did you get up to during times of isolation?

Styling & photography

Styling & Photography

A selection of images I created during a photoshoot task in the Condé Nast College studio.

About the course

The Vogue Foundation Programme is an introductory course that will prepare students for further study in higher education. The focus is on creative practice and students will develop practical visual and digital-design skills using the authoritative Vogue: Voice of a Century as the main source of inspiration.