Lucy Anderson-Davies

BA(Hons) Fashion Communication

Lucy Anderson-Davies
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During my time at the college, I have been able to study in-depth my interests around Art Direction, learning everything from photography and styling to image editing. I intend to seek out a career in the field and believe I can now do so, due to the extensive knowledge the college has provided me. 

I am so grateful to have learnt how to have creatively good ideas and to harness them to fruition.

My Work

Here is a brief overview of my favourite projects during the course in the Individual Project, Magazine Publishing, Collaborative Industry, Visual Communication and Graphics modules.

Witch Hunt image

Witch Hunt

“Witch Hunt’’ is a shoot I created for my final Individual Project, exploring the controversial theme of domestic violence through art direction and fashion.

BANANA Magazine image

Banana Magazine

For the Magazine Publishing Module I proposed the concept and covers for BANANA magazine; embracing female sexuality and emancipation through an artistic lens.

MAC Collaborative Project image

MAC Collaborative Project

Re-position MAC Cosmetics for the higher end of the luxury market with a collection based on iconic London hotels to attract a more sophisticated target market.

LOVE Magazine Image

LOVE Magazine

For the Visual Communications module, I created a LOVE magazine cover, conceptualised, and aesthetically based on the story of fortune-tellers.

Personal Brand Logo

Personal Brand Logo

For my logo design a snake, known for regenerating itself through the shedding of the skin, represents beautifully creative thinking and generating new ideas.

About the course

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication is a two -year fast track degree programme, delivered from our campus at Soho, London.