Harvey James

Vogue Foundation Programme

Harvey James Foundation Alumni
Harvey James Foundation Alumni

I am an experienced creative skilled in a wide range of fields including painting, graphic design, photography, styling, sewing, and creative direction. Combining all this with years of experience in the fashion industry styling and also modelling at Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks gives me great understanding of how this industry works.

“This course has taken my skills and doubled them whilst also teaching me the best ways to present them in a professional standard in the real world”

My Work

I looked into multiple forms of media for my projects including drawing, filming, sewing, design and photography. I enjoy having control over all creative elements in a project and seeing them all come together.

About the course

The Vogue Foundation Programme is an introductory course that will prepare students for further study in higher education. The focus is on creative practice and students will develop practical visual and digital-design skills using the authoritative Vogue: Voice of a Century as the main source of inspiration.