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BA(Hons) Fashion Communication

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I have always worked with the personal mantra that the act of dressing is empowering as it is a form of self-expression, which allows individuals to be able to set themselves apart from fellow peers. I hope to leave college and explore more within the creative direction field of the industry. 

As much as I love fashion, I love to read about the evolution of society and, having studied Philosophy and Ethics at A’ Level, I know that culture and human development provide a foundation for everything and that fashion is a visual expression of our culture. 

Directing and producing my short film for IFCP was thrilling and has me excited for what’s ahead. I would love to start off working in editorial and progress to styling films.

My Work

Studying at Condé Nast College, I have been taught the ability to channel my creativity in a constructive way by experienced and motivating Professors who have helped me to identify my future aspirations in this very commercial industry. After completing all modules, it has become very apparent I strive best within the creative aspects of the fashion industry.

Styling - Inspired by The Shining

Styling - Inspired by The Shining

“One of the things that horror stories can do is show us the archetypes of the unconscious; we can see the dark side without having to confront it directly” - Stanley Kubrick

The shoot was inspired by Wendy and the way I shot the shoot was with the aim to reenact some of the stills from the film. The clothes are not the entire focus of the shoot, it was really important for me to set up a “scary” yet curious ambiance supported by the use of lighting, pose, and facial expressions.

Image making

Image Making - “Beautifully Unconventional”

The focus of this project was to explore society’s curiosity for psychological thrillers. Inspired by the cult and psychological films I wanted my images to be very open to interpretation. I want people to feel uncomfortable and left hanging in questions. I want people to have questions about the images displayed, such as how the protagonist ended up in that state... I want to play with the viewer's emotional state. Want them to feel curious and maybe slightly disturbed.

Fashion in Motion

Fashion Futures - “CNE Streaming - Fashion in Motion”

CNE Streaming platform is a subscription platform to support CN’s established publications. The platform will be divided into various viewing categories: 'Brand Specials’ - This allows viewers to watch specific digital magazine content. Example - Vogue 73 Questions.
‘Recommended’ - Films and shows will be supplied that will be categorised into ‘recommended’ divisions for Conde Nast’s different readership stretching from Teen Vogue, GQ, LOVE, Tatler, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. Example - Recommended ‘Outerbanks’ for Teen Vogue readers.
‘CNE Productions’ - CNE produced/co-created CNE originals onto the platform. All genres will be covered.
‘Fashion in Motion’ - Buy what you see on screen.

Business Entrepreneurship

Business / Entrepreneurship “The Outspoken”

The Outspoken is a weekly ‘poster zine’ targeted towards 16-25-year-olds reaching across the country. Each poster zine will be printed on a single A1 consisting of a poster and 6 pages of content. Taking it back old school style, The Outspoken encourages students to read, engage in debate, and to spark controversy through the means of paper not screens. Displayed is a mock-up flat plan of the poster zine.

“Frankie Fatale”

“Frankie Fatale”

The aim was to create an abstract trailer inspired film with a fascinating narrative with a heavy focus on characterisation to promote fashion and trends. I recruited a friend to write me a short story and used the film to promote Paul Costelloe’s clothes. This project was linked to my dissertation brief exploring how audiences identify with on-screen characters more than with models on a catwalk.
The film doesn’t require one answer only. It is an interpretive medium with the ability to leave a resolution up to the individual viewer to make based on their personal experience with the work.

About the course

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication is a two -year fast track degree programme, delivered from our campus at Soho, London.