Ellie Jo Hopkins

Vogue Fashion Foundation Programme

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Through studying at Conde Nast College I have been able to rediscover a lost love of photography, however with this in mind I also found I was drawn to Creative Direction, as this offers the ability to oversee a whole production without strict limitations. This course has allowed me to conduct research more in-depth and find correlations between different aspects within the creative field to bring a project together. This is something I intend to keep with me and grow in preparation for future roles.

I have learned that the key to creative photography or any other form of art is to just be yourself, even though that sounds cliche.


My Work

My work focuses on a theme of simplicity and minimalism as this is what I find most capturing and admire the most, this I believe is displayed through my projects. I thoroughly enjoy photography and creative direction too which I always try to emulate through my projects.

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Classic Still Life Shoot

For this still life shoot, I wanted to bring a feel of presence back into the image, I did this by putting lipstick on a champagne glass and having jewelry carelessly coming out of the jewelry box. All of which I believe adds to a classic, yet life-like feel.

About the course

The Vogue Foundation Programme is an introductory course that will prepare students for further study in higher education. The focus is on creative practice and students will develop practical visual and digital-design skills using the authoritative Vogue: Voice of a Century as the main source of inspiration.