Daisy Hannam

BA(Hons) Fashion Communication

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During my time at Condé Nast College, I developed a have a strong creative vision with a passion specifically for styling.

My time at the college has helped me discover skills that I love

My Work

I have incorporated my styling work into so many of my projects at the College; from creating work for editorials and still life images to advertising campaigns to social media content and my IFCP.

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I created four different shoots on artistic specialities, along with styling a series of images based on provocative dress and the impact models pose has.

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The brief we were given for this project was shining. I took this quite literally with the shiny foil strips and glitter top.

Only Human Image

Only Human

For this project, I took the opportunity to look at feminine vs masculine. I looked into hyper-masculine football culture and mixed it with feminine clothing.

MAC campaign

MAC Campaign

My MAC makeup campaign focused on re-branding the existing customisable palette. My campaign looked at eyeshadow expression through your own colour palette.

Jayne Peirson Styling Shoot

Jayne Peirson Styling Shoot

With fellow student Megan Meaney we collaboratively styled a shoot with Jayne Peirson fashion on the theme of ‘circus’ playing with umbrella and balloon props.

About the course

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication is a two -year fast track degree programme, delivered from our campus at Soho, London.