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MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries

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Andrea believes that the best way to travel is through lived experiences that reveal the very essence of the place you’re visiting.

I dream of a future where travel experiences become better, more sustainable and unique.

She started Be MyJourney to help like-minded explorers discover the rawest beauty and most unexpected side of Italy, through a handpicked selection of mainly little-known destinations, intimate and mindful stays and immersive experiences to connect with the places visited and the people met on the way.

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Be MyJourney is a place for culturally curious travellers, looking to experience Italy at its most authentic and away from cliché.

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Travel Experience Designer

Andrea designs unique and unconventional travel experiences by connecting you with the offbeat side of her home country. Andrea’s travel design approach starts with your interests and passions, rather than just from the destination "the why over the where". Whether you are a business looking for an experienced designer or a traveller eager to discover the offbeat side of Italy through an immersive journey, drop Andrea a line at:

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Inspiration & Discovery

Find unspoiled areas to explore; peruse a hand-curated selection of authentic Italian experiences, from cheese or pasta workshops to hiking a volcano, and discover unique places to stay in, from historic palazzos to organic farmhouses. If this is the kind of travel experience you crave, register to Be MyJourney's monthly newsletter using the link below. Every month Andrea designs seasonal itinerary or travel experience ideas that are shared exclusively with her mailing list. Throughout this inspirational content, she wants to both simplify and elevate your travel research process, enabling you to explore Italy in a mindful and inspiring manner.

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About the course

The MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries provides a unique learning environment for students, introducing entrepreneurship and business-thinking specific to fashion and the creative industries.