What’s it like studying 5 Days of Fashion Journalism?

Lucy Morgan studying on 5 Days of Fashion Journalism short course at the College.

Lucy Morgan, from Brighton is currently a second-year student at The University of Manchester studying English Literature, with interests in reading, drama, yoga and writing for my student newspaper. Here, she tells us about taking the 5 Days of Fashion Journalism course to bolster her studies. 


After months of anticipation (and thorough outfit planning), I found myself upon the historic steps of Condé Nast College. The 5 Days of Fashion Journalism course exceeded my, already high, expectations, providing me with the most insightful and fascinating glimpse into the fashion industry. Being able to learn from the very best, working alongside other passionate students, and receiving exceptional advice in navigating the industry as journalists was an unforgettable opportunity. 


Greeted by Global Academic Director, Johannes Reponen, we were welcomed to the College. The stark contrast of us initially sitting meekly, smiling apprehensively, and gulping water to sipping prosecco together at our graduation day, having made genuine friendships with people from across the world- India, Germany, Italy- simply demonstrates the power of fashion. The breadth of various people, all sharing one common goal of excelling within the fashion industry, is perhaps what made it so special. 

Lucy Morgan studying on 5 Days of Fashion Journalism short course at the College.

Networking with Industry Professionals


Through the smaller class size, an intimate, safe atmosphere was created immediately to build upon each other’s varying knowledge and strengths. Being able to directly meet such inspiring industry professionals with their own various professions within the fashion media industry and learn how they’ve made it to where they are now was beyond motivating. 


The flexibility and adaptability necessary to thrive in the industry, where different professional positions blur and intersect fascinated me.  As a current English Literature university student, writing and reading being my passions, the course allowed me a unique insight into the current media world. From trendspotting and building my fashion vocabulary to stripping back to the big 6 points of journalism: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Through exploring a range of articles, printed and digital, in a variety of styles of publication houses, I developed my skills as a writer, refined my own opinions, and gained a sharper vision for what my future as a journalist entailed.  

Lucy Morgan studying on 5 Days of Fashion Journalism short course at the College.

Short course in Fashion Journalism


The dynamic nature of the lessons through discussions, quizzes, and visits to The Adelphi (Condé Nast’s London Headquarters) was a real pinch-me moment alongside the DIVA exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum echoed the fast-paced, ever-changing vibrancy of the industry itself. The short nature of the course is perhaps what fuels it, and everyone involved, with such abundance and richness; an atmosphere of creative adrenaline is simmering in all rooms, ready to manifest through ideas and debates. Not only did I learn so many technical skills as a fashion journalist in crafting an article for a certain demographic, but we explored the inner workings of a variety of other careers such as PR and copyrighting. 


I was simultaneously dreading and eagerly awaiting Friday, the day where students of all courses complete the team project of presenting a mini Vogue July Issue. Becoming part of an editorial team, collaborating with and learning from exceptionally talented individuals, was an exhilarating experience. I was so proud of what we made, my proposed interview, ‘Pride on the Podium’, spotlighting the representation of the LGBTQ+ community within sports, leading to a staff member’s emotive response, commenting, ‘I really hope to see more of this in Vogue’. Thank you, Condé Nast College, from the bottom of my heart.   


By Lucy Morgan