What it’s like to study on the Vogue Foundation Programme

What it's like to study on the Vogue Foundation Programme

Vogue Foundation student, Sadaf Punjoo, looks back at their first semester at Condé Nast College, sharing what it’s like to study on the Vogue Foundation Programme, giving an insight into student camaraderie and starting college mid-pandemic. 


A global introduction from all corners of the world


2020 saw a disruption to our definition of “normal” for students all over the world. Throughout it, we’ve been tasked to overcome emotional and psychological obstacles that, little did we know, would disrupt our year prior to the start of the course. Starting on the Vogue Foundation in October 2020 we were faced a situation unique to previous years and in that, we have tried to make the most of our time at Condé Nast College.

Despite being online for the first week of the semester, our cohort have gelled together forming a strong bond. Whether it was getting caught in the rain after our visit to the Tate or exploring the intriguing stores and restaurants that Soho has to offer; we did not let our current situation demotivate us.

Starting my first year at the College amidst a global pandemic was not what I had predicted. With the first few days online, I met my fellow course mates online via Zoom. It’s been a nerve-wracking experience making friends online, a unique encounter with students logging online from all over the world. But walking into our first day of in-person classes, the group was buzzing with excitement to meet our new course mates “in real life” that we would be with for the next year. Little did I know that I would be forming relationships that would last a lifetime. 


An introduction into the fashion industry

What it's like to study on the Vogue Foundation Programme

Condé Nast College has a way of bringing people together from all over the world with idiosyncratic artistic views. All of us were presented with the same assignment but produced completely different outcomes. This has been astonishing to see and demonstrates what creative individuals are capable of. 

At the beginning of the course, we were met with uplifting words by Dame Anna Wintour and many industry professionals that inspired us. The Foundation students were given the opportunity to host one of the industry talks with writer and mens lifestyle consultant, Michael Christensen


Supporting each other through unprecedented times

What it's like to study on the Vogue Foundation Programme

Finishing our first semester studying on the Vogue Foundation programme, it’s clear that this cohort is composed of people with distinctive characters. Who would have thought that we would all work together so well? From giving each other constructive criticism, or aiding one another with our Photoshop sessions, we have all found ways to lift each other and support one another. 

The pandemic has not been an ideal way to start our journey into the fashion industry but it has made us stronger as individuals, and as new additions to the industry. The pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons but one of them would be to make the most out of any situation. 


By Sadaf Punjoo 


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