What I Like

What I Like

One of London’s most coveted designers, Molly Goddard, has created an interactive exhibition, and it is fantastic!

Shown at London’s NOW Gallery, What I Like exhibits six of Molly Goddard’s elaborate, brightly coloured and multilayered tulle dresses. The contemporary glass building in which the exhibition is situated acts to place the stationary dresses in the real, very much moving, world; positioned to look as though seamlessly floating or hanging from the sky. Through choosing this venue, Molly explores the relationship between technology and ecology, placing her work in direct contrast to its antithesis. A fascinating concept at a time where slowing down and mindfulness are permeating all aspects of society.

In an interview Molly reflects:

“I did feel like it was a bit early for me to do a retrospective, so I wanted to do something that was a bit more interactive and that people could really get involved in.” She continues, “I wanted to do something that was a bit less precious, although I do think in the end they will be very precious items. I just didn’t want to do idolised fashion pieces.”

Her vision seems to have paid off. The entire time I was there, the exhibition was packed full of excited people jostling to get a seat around the dresses, eager to leave their mark (a desire consistent with the current obsession with personalisation). Finding my own seat, I set to work. Whilst my contribution may not be as spectacular as some of the others documented below, I left feeling relaxed and reflective.

Despite the aforementioned unfaltering flow of people entering the exhibition, don’t panic, the entirety of tulle spans over 400 metres, and as the exhibition progresses the dresses are moved around and hung at different heights to ensure no space is left undecorated, and no person is left unsatisfied.

Not only does this exhibition actively decrease the stress levels of those who participate whilst encouraging people to become interested in the craft of embroidery, once completed, the dresses will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to charity. Essentially, your time really is money, for others, so go sew!

The exhibition is free and on until the 19th of February 2017.

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