Vogue Summer Intensive Week 2 Recap

Vogue Summer Intensive Week 2 Recap

Week 2 flew by faster than any of us could say the words haute couture. The week started with a bang with celebrity stylist, Karl Willet. He spoke on our level, and truly gave us an insight into his life, the industry and all the ins and outs. It was really interesting to get this different perspective of freelancing and what one can make for themselves.

The lectures provided this week by the academic team were genuinely practical. I recognise a lot of us know a whole lot about designers and collections, but this week we were actually taught why things are the way they are. This included an understanding into the design process that fashion houses go through in creating their masterpieces. Moreover, it opened up our span of knowledge of the other jobs in fashion that aren’t necessarily the most obvious ones, but certainly crucial in the fashion production line. Lastly, we learnt about the cyclical nature of fashion and why women’s fashion operates on a different timeline to menswear.

Our breadth of knowledge was further expanded on in our tech workshops. This is nothing like your average computer class, as we have continued to have eye opening sessions of industry standard programs. From typeface to layout, to even learning how to touch up a dirty floor, we have actually learnt the tricks of the trade. We are really intrigued to learn all of the industry’s other little secrets in the following two weeks.

We continued our journey along the historical fashion timeline; stopping and taking an in-depth look into the punk era. Our education involved a visit to the magnificent British Library to see their current “Punk” exhibition. We then debated the normalisation of the trend with items such as the biker leather jacket being part of all Condé Nast’s students’ wardrobes.

By far one of the most exciting parts of our time here was completing our still life shoot for Gina Shoes. It was challenging and rewarding as we worked as a group to finalise our long list of ideas to something that was of a ‘Vogue’ quality, that would also represent the brand. Working on set with a real photographer was something that was new to most of us, and a great insight into the workings of the industry.

Finally, the week was perfectly topped off with a talk from GQ Fashion Director, Robert Johnston. We are now half way through our intensive education and cannot wait for what the final to weeks have to offer. Rumour has it we visit Vogue House this next week!