Vogue Forces of Fashion 2022: A CNC Student’s Honest Review

Vogue Forces of Fashion 2022: A CNC Student’s Honest Review

Vogue Forces for Fashion 2022

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship student, Claire-Anne Demole, shares her experience attending Vogue Forces of Fashion 2022.

Forces of the Future


On the 14th of October, an intimate group of the London fashion community gathered together at 180 The Strand for the first global Vogue Forces of Fashion event. Taking place across New York, Mexico City, and London, Forces of Fashion facilitates conversations with top Activists, Founders, Creative Directors, Journalists, Editors, and more. This year’s speakers included: Charlotte Tilbury, Nadine Ijewere, Kate Phelan, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Dana Thomas, Marie-Claire Daveu, Jessica Diner, Amy Powney, Sabrina Dhowre Elbra, Rachel Reavley, Sabrina Sadiq, Edward Enninful, and Dua Lipa.

With the theme being ‘Forces of the Future’, panel topics included sustainable fashion innovations, challenging beauty standards, inclusivity in the industry, crucial brand values, and innovations on the runway.



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Student Perspective


Fashion students from Condé Nast College, London College of Fashion, and Istituto Marangoni, to name a few, populated the audience. Among them sat CNC’s very own Claire-Anne Demole. After the event, I sat down with Claire-Anne to find out her key takeaways from the experience.


What made you want to attend Vogue Forces of Fashion?


As a fashion entrepreneur who is new to London, I bought a ticket hoping to get involved with the Condé Nast community and network with influential people in the industry. This felt like a great opportunity to extend my CNC experience outside of the classroom and to gain key insights on the people who are shaping fashion futures.


What were your expectations going into the event?


Due to the intimate nature of the event, I expected there to be one-on-one interactions with the speakers. This was true in some cases, however, I do wish there had been more of an opportunity to talk one-on-one with the panellists and make that personal connection. Additionally, as someone who is passionate about ethical and cutting-edge fashion, I expected to learn about the ways big brands will adapt their perspectives in the coming years.


Jessica Diner, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, and Charlotte Tilbury discuss inclusivity in the beauty industry.
Jessica Diner, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, and Charlotte Tilbury discuss inclusivity in the beauty industry.


What was the most valuable information that you took away from Forces for Fashion 2022?


Each of the sessions was insightful, however, Marie-Claire Daveu, Nadine Ijewere, and Charlotte Tilbury resonated the most with my journey as a young entrepreneur. Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer for Kering, spoke about incredible sustainability innovations within the Kering brands that sparked ideas for my own company. Nadine Ijewere, an extremely talented and accomplished fashion photographer, provided incredible insight on creative processes that I will apply in my development. Charlotte Tilbury, Founder of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, stood out to me as an incredible and down-to-earth entrepreneur. She gave very relevant advice for chasing large ambitions, disrupting an industry, and creating positive change in many capacities.


Did you leave with any additional understanding of the future of fashion?


Absolutely, I am very confident that sustainability considerations and sustainable implementations will be a great advantage for entrepreneurs in the coming years rather than a setback. Overall, I departed with a good amount of hope for the general direction of the industry in terms of ethics and innovation.


Vogue Forces for Fashion 


To watch panel conversations from any of the Vogue Forces of Fashion events this year, you can purchase an on demand ticket, available until 18 November 2022.


By Chloé Janssen, studying on MA Luxury Brand Strategy & Business