Vogue Education Presents: Tube Girl – Sabrina Bahsoon

Sabrina Bahsoon Tube Girl at Vogue Education Presents in London

Condé Nast College was thrilled to host Sabrina Bahsoon better known as ‘Tube Girl’ as a part of the weekly industry speaker series for Vogue Education Presents. BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student, Damilola Odeyemi, reports… 


About Sabrina Bahsoon: From Law Graduate to TikTok Sensation

Upon completing her law degree from Durham University in July 2023, 23-year-old Sabrina Bashoon swiftly transitioned from a diligent student to a TikTok phenomenon, captivating nearly 800,000 followers with her viral lip-syncing videos filmed in the London Underground. Her first viral TikTok video, which features Sabrina dancing to “Where Dem Girls At” on the Central Line was published on August 13th 2023 and since then, she has achieved phenomenal success. Her time at Durham was more than just an academic journey; it was a period of profound personal exploration, particularly in the realm of fashion. Sabrina’s active involvement in organising charity thrift sales was not merely a pastime; it sharpened her skills and fuelled her love for sustainable fashion. This phase played a role in shaping her understanding that career paths are not linear and that exploration is key to personal and professional growth.


Within a mere two months of making waves in the fashion and music scenes, British Vogue hailed Sabrina as the latest ‘it-girl’ of fashion in October 2023. This recognition is evident in her collaborations with brands like Ferragamo, Valentino, MAC Cosmetics, BOSS, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co. and others. These partnerships have not only expanded her portfolio, but also led to her remarkable success. 

Sabrina Bahsoon Tube Girl in conversation with Chloe Janssen at Vogue Education Presents

Embracing a Distinct Identity, as ‘Tube Girl’


The nickname ‘Tube Girl’’ resonated with Sabrina, as it symbolised more than a label; it represented the universal pursuit of one’s passions against all odds. Her path to embracing this identity was not without its challenges, particularly regarding her traditional Malaysian family who initially struggled to understand her unconventional career path. However, their eventual support following her feature on the BBC, marked a turning point reinforcing the value of pursuing one’s dreams with resilience.


After feeling undervalued at her previous agency, in moments of reflection, she sought comfort through music and dance, which she considers her form of therapy. Sabrina credits much of her style, music tastes and overall creative expression to her cultural heritage.


Personally i think I’m slaying and trusssttt nobody cares #tubegirl shoutout to all the people who say hi while i made the videos – you make my day 🥰 #tubegirleffect

♬ sexy ass cars – frʌns

Navigating the Creative Landscape


Sabrina’s journey has been marked by significant yet subtle milestones towards self-discovery. She learned the importance of self-confidence, a trait she cultivated over time, enabling her to dismiss external judgments and focus on her own path. Her collaborations with artists like Troye Sivan, Omar Apollo, Bella Poarch, Yungblud, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock in the “#TubeGirl Karaoke” series epitomise her exploratory approach to content creation, blending music, fashion and creativity in innovative ways.


The most rewarding aspect of Sabrina’s career lies in the positive impact she has on young girls, empowering them to embrace their authenticity. Her work has become a beacon of confidence and self-expression, encouraging others to live boldly and confidently. 

Sabrina Bahsoon Tube Girl with BA student, Gabriel Summerfield at Vogue Education Presents in London

A Beacon for Aspiring Creators


In conversation with Chloé Janssen, former CNC student, now Senior Publicist & UK Division Lead at Emily Blair Media, Sabrina offers some practical advice to the students at Condé Nast College and aspiring content creators: embrace every part of the journey, including the setbacks, as they are essential for growth and refinement. 


“It’s all about tricking yourself into believing that you are that person, it’s the power of your thoughts being your reality… You are never going to meet another person that is going to champion you more than you can”


She emphasises authenticity, resilience, and the transformative power of creativity, advocating for a mindset of self-belief and the realisation that one’s thoughts can shape reality.


A Tale of Resilience and Inspiration


Sabrina Bashoon’s talk was not just an account of personal achievements; it’s a compelling testament to the power of embracing one’s unique journey. Her experiences, cultural heritage, and challenges meld into a narrative of success and inspiration, offering invaluable insights for anyone looking to carve out their niche in the creative world. Her talk at Vogue Education Presents wasn’t merely informative; it was an inspiring experience that underscored the essence of individuality and perseverance.


Words by Damilola Odeyemi, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication student

Images by Annelee Kiliddjian, MA Creative Direction for Fashion for Fashion Media student