Vogue Education Presents: In Conversation with Victoria Beckham and Anders Christian Madsen

Vogue Education Presents: In Conversation with Victoria Beckham and Anders Christian Madsen

Condé Nast College welcomed Victoria Beckham and Anders Christian Madsen for our industry speaker series, Vogue Education Presents. 


Legends Among Us 


On Wednesday, a buzzing crowd of Condé Nast College students gathered for two icons of the industry: Designer and Creative Director, Victoria Beckham, and renowned Vogue Fashion Critic, Anders Christian Madsen. They embarked on an engaging conversation, detailing the evolution of Beckham’s eponymous label, from its origin in 2008 to the recent SS 2023 Ready-To-Wear collection. 


Victoria Beckham and Anders Christian Madsen visit the Condé Nast College. Photographed By: Darren Gerrish


Bonjour Paris!


After many seasons in New York and London, Beckham made her debut at Paris Fashion Week this September with her modern, feminine SS23 collection. This move, a dream for her, also signified a re-birth of the brand. According to Beckham, the most notable difference was the label being perceived in a bigger way.


The show’s digital reach was in excess of 100 million accounts, ranking seventh across all major fashion house shows, including Chanel, Dior, YSL, Chloé, and others. Taking into consideration Victoria Beckham is an independent brand that doesn’t advertise, this is an outstanding testament to Beckham’s evolution and talent as a designer and brand leader. 


When I came out after the show, I planned on having that end of show picture where I look really cool. I looked really uncool because I burst out crying. I felt proud of myself for the first time. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience.” – Victoria Beckham 


Victoria Beckham at her SS23 Paris Fashion Week show. Photographed By: Darren Gerrish


Merging Audiences 


Since the birth of the brand in 2008, the consumer demographic has grown exponentially. With collections rooted in luxury, meticulous detail, and functionality, Beckham noted that her audience is constantly redefining what it means to be a “Victoria Beckham Woman”. 


I like to think that my brand can touch any woman or man. Ultimately, it is about people who enjoy luxury. People who want to feel empowered and like the best version of themselves.” – Victoria Beckham 


With trend circularity and targeting Gen-Z audiences being hot topics at the moment, Beckham shared her recent strategy for tapping into the younger market through a collaboration with influencer, Mia Regan. Regan joined Beckham in the studio to create a denim capsule collection that spoke to her everyday style. The line, created to be reminiscent of the 90’s, was cleared out immediately by Regan and Beckham’s audiences. 


Brand Approach  


The Victoria Beckham brand success did not happen overnight. Beckham attributes much of its success to her talented design, business, and PR teams. In regards to branding, she emphasised the importance of utilising print as a tool amongst the massive digital landscape. 


One of Beckham’s most valuable brand awareness tools is placing precise people in the front row at her shows to uphold the VB image. Influencing audiences by showing how to wear the clothes in a real life context has been an effective strategy for her brand. In return, Victoria is passionate about supporting other women and their endeavours, and believes having a shared respect and admiration for peers in the industry is invaluable. 


Model Gigi Hadid wearing VB SS23.


Parting Advice 


Before returning to her busy life being an international fashion designer and style icon, Beckham left the audience with guidance for starting in the industry: 

  • There is great power in being the hardest working person in a room.
  • Working for other people in your career is a great way to learn.
  • If you believe in yourself, there is no reason to take no for an answer.
  • Surround yourself with peers and mentors you can trust and who work as hard as you.
  • Implement creative visualisation into a daily routine.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.


Madsen provides coverage of Victoria’s Spring 2023 Ready to Wear collection for Vogue Runway. All other collections can be explored on her official Victoria Beckham website. 


By Chloé Janssen, MA Luxury Brand Strategy & Business