Vogue Education Presents: Hanushka Toni, Founder of Resale Platform, Sellier

Hanuska Toni, founder of Sellier speaking at Vogue Education Presents at the Condé Nast College, London.

Conde Nast College was thrilled to host the distinguished Founder and CEO of Sellier, Hanushka Toni, as she took centre stage at this week’s Vogue Education Presents. She discussed the intricacies of success, unravelling the crucial foundations she meticulously laid to catapult luxury resale platform Sellier, into the status of the fastest-growing resale platform in the UK.

A luxury resale platform for premium clothes, shoes and handbags,Sellier provides the perfect place for luxury fashion lovers to acquire their authenticated goods. Not only is Sellier an extremely successful business, but it is also Europe’s fastest-growing luxury resale platform. Hanushka Toni wasted no time delving into the talk. The topic is straight business – more precisely – how to build a successful family business. 


Hanushka co-founded Sellier alongside her brother, Ayaz Ibrahimov and mother, Dina Ibrahimova in 2019. Beginning as a single brick-and-mortar store in Knightsbridge, Sellier now operates online, alongside its four other locations in London and Monaco. 

Hanuska Toni outside Condé Nast College
Hanuska Toni & Ayaz Ibrahimov, Founders of Sellier


This sibling duo’s journey took a serendipitous detour from their conventional trajectory. Hanushka and Ayaz are both alumni of King’s College. With their law degrees in hand, they found that the allure of tradition did not beckon them. Instead, Hanushka immersed herself in the realm of marketing where she worked to become Creative Director at the luxury marketing agency, Relevance. This became a pivotal chapter in her narrative, propelling her towards the founding helm of Sellier.


Sellier’s Vision


In the dynamic realm of fashion resale, Hanushka began by retelling her journey to define the identity of Sellier. Central to this quest was the exploration of “who we wanted to be,” notes Hanushka. It was evident that Toni had always aspired for the business to become the epitome of sophistication in the resale sector.

For Hanushka, the essence lies in cultivating a profound connection between consumers and curated products, a philosophy that shunned the traditional hard-sell approach.

Hanuska Toni, founder of Sellier speaking at Vogue Education Presents at the Condé Nast College, London.

Sellier is rooted in a passion for fashion and a fervent desire to share beautiful and rare luxury products. It found its niche with its drop culture and the inception of its tagline “Fastest Fingers First.” This strategic move not only fostered a highly engaged community but also catapulted Sellier into a trajectory of phenomenal growth. When talking to The Fashion Network earlier this year, Sellier said it expects revenue to be more than £20 million as the luxury resale market continues to boom.


A Model for Success


To Hanushka, this kind of success is a pursuit that demands unwavering conviction and a resolute attitude of “never taking anything personally”. The financial backbone of Sellier rests on justified commission rates, a transparent model that resonates with their clientele seeking to buy or sell rare and extraordinary pieces with ease. Positioned as the go-to destination for high-end shoppers, Sellier has successfully diverted them from the conventional primary market, underlining a commitment to sustainability that forms a cornerstone of their identity.

Hanuska Toni speaking with students at the Condé Nast College London

Hanushka wraps up her talk by offering words for the students and aspiring entrepreneurs at the Vogue Education Presents: “Always look forward and take everything one step at a time.” Encapsulating the ethos of her own business, Hanushka affirms that Sellier is a brand that not only thrives on innovation, but also understands the importance of perseverance and strategic evolution in the ever-evolving landscape of luxury fashion resale.


By Ellie Gallacher, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student

Images by Annelee Kiliddjian, MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media student