Vogue Education Presents: Angel Nemov

The Condé Nast College had the honour of welcoming alumnus, Angel Nemov, Editor in Chief, Digital at Perfect Magazine, to speak at our weekly industry speaker programme, Vogue Education Presents, held at the Condé Nast College. 

Angel graduated in 2021 from the Condé Nast College from the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication course.  He came back to the College to enlighten the students about his career path and encourage everyone to pursue their dreams.

Angel’s enlightening talk gave him the opportunity to encourage the CNC students to work hard which is how he secured his coveted role as Editor in Chief, Digital at Perfect Magazine –  a multi-platform media outlet created for and with brands by independent experts in content creation, print publications and digital strategy.

Angel’s Career Path


There are a vast range of opportunities within the fashion industry and Angel explained the importance of trying out different things to hone your skills and find your niche. During his studies, he interned at Vogue Global Network for a year and realised he wanted to pursue his dream of being a writer.

Upon graduating from Condé Nast College, Angel worked hard to find a job in fashion media – no easy task following the pandemic. Angel diligently sent 500 emails to put himself out there fearlessly, and prove his commitment to the industry, and that is how he got his role at Perfect Magazine.  Angel shared his experience of rejection after rejection, to show that if you are persistent and passionate it will work out.


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A passion for Fashion Media

Angel’s mission is to be fearless and make an impact, yet always staying true to himself. Authenticity is key in an industry of viral content, stating that authenticity is what makes each journalist special – pouring truthful emotion into your work.

In such a fast-paced industry, Angel says that to evolve, you need to always be thinking on your feet. There will always be a sudden change, and mistakes can be common. So he encourages everyone to trust their instincts to have the best outcome.

His authenticity is what he values the most about his career. To be successful in the journalistic field the writer must be “fair,” Angel explained.


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Key Takeaways from Angel Nemov


Nothing else matters to Angel besides his passion for his work and knowing he is the right person for the job. People can say anything about Angel, but he knows his value, so it won’t affect his work. Angel notes the importance of kindness. He mentioned that the industry may sometimes test you, but kindness will take you a long way.


By Ana Luisa Andrade Rodrigues, MA of Fashion Journalism and Editorial Direction