The Vogue Fashion Certificate Essential Packing Guide

The Vogue Fashion Certificate Essential Packing Guide

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Embarking on our 10 week Vogue Fashion Certificate Course? Here, our current students, Camille Price and Jessica Puttock fill us in on just what you should pack before starting the course… 

What to pack for a Condé Nast College Short Course

If you are thinking about coming to the College for the Vogue Fashion Certificate, you might be wondering what to bring. Moving to London for just 10 weeks might not merit bringing all of your worldly possessions and the entirety of your wardrobe; however, there are some essentials you cannot do without. So what are you waiting for…get packing!  

What to pack for Conde Nast College


(Fashionable) Waterproof walking shoes 


From the first week, you’ll be sent out the doors of the College experience London and its connection to the fashion world. From viewing exhibits, to scoping street styles, to visiting Vogue House, to researching brands through brick-and-mortar locations, you will want comfortable shoes to navigate London’s streets – especially the cobblestoned ones of Soho.

NB: the weather is deceptive! A few weeks ago, I had the misfortune of assuming the weather would remain grey all day, donning some cheetah-print loafers. By midday it was torrentially pouring. Squelching into Vogue House later that day, I regretted my choice enough to put this on the top of the list of essential items to pack for the program! (Camille Price)

 Exploring London on the Vogue Intensive Summer Course

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Your computer, with two essential pieces of software (CP)


You probably won’t handwrite notes during the program, so save yourself a trip to WH Smith and bring your computer instead. Two pieces of software to download:

Adobe Creative Cloud

A great set of apps to have on your computer, Creative Cloud becomes essential during the course. You’ll become well-versed in InDesign and Photoshop during class and will practice those skills on projects in the Fashion Media and Fashion Marketing modules. While the Macs at the College have the programs, downloading the Cloud onto your computer will give you the flexibility of working from one of the adorable coffee shops scattered across Soho.

A quality calendar application

Each module culminates in the submission of a big piece of work, and setting intermediate deadlines for each facet of the assignment will make the week before submission much less stressful! Even better? A collaborative calendar app, so you and your team can complete group work on a collective timeline.

Vogue Fashion Course

Rubber bands

‘The art of pleasing is in the art of deception’ – Luc de Clapiers.

Luc’s logic applies faultlessly to the Still Life photoshoot, completed during the Fashion Media module. My group featured the granny chain accessory. The forehead of bust did not have enough breadth to keep the attached sunglasses propped up, creating a look not dissimilar to that of the baby in The Hangover. Not the Vogue aesthetic we were seeking to emulate. After a moment of panic, we repurposed rubber bands from the bouquets to suspend the glasses and create the illusion that they were balanced atop the bust. The result? See below. Bring rubber bands to your shoot. 


(Non Stick)  Post – its! 


Having access to the incredible Vogue archives and the chocolate box of wonderful books in the library means you will be spoilt for choice when researching or simply looking for inspiration!  Post – its are a quick and easy way of identifying your specific pages without losing them and slowing you down!  A sure fire trick to guarantee you maximise and remember everything you see when you’ve got your head buried in a book or magazine!

An especially useful tool during your group project in the first module; Fashion Media. The very early stages require image gathering and inspiration finding together with your team members. Post-its will ensure no ideas are missed and everyone is on the same page.

What’s the Vogue Fashion Certificate Course really like? 

Vogue Fashion Courses London

Image by Brett Russell


An outfit that makes you feel great! 



Bring 7 outfits that make you feel fabulous.  Whilst the college itself isn’t a catwalk, it is a great place to put your best fashion foot forward! Don’t be worried about looking polished everyday, anything works, be yourself, whether that’s in trainers or heels!


One final piece of advice… 


The Vogue Fashion Certificate offers the best kind of intense workload, alongside the best kind of people. During those busy times, don’t underestimate just how many notes you’ll be taking, how much advice you’ll be seeking and questions you’ll be asking!  Remain open minded, be sure to ask yourself questions, most of all enjoy the course and trust the process, as it’ll be over in a flash…

By Camille Price & Jessica Puttock

Our next Vogue Fashion Certificate Course Starts in April!

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