The Perfect Jeans for Every Woman: A Student Entrepreneur’s Journey

Chloe Janssen at the Graduate Exhibition at Condé Nast College London


Isabella Haua embarked on her studies at the College with a clear mission. As a former stylist at Madewell, she observed a recurring issue among her clients: the elusive quest for jeans that fit flawlessly.


“I’d ask customers their size, and they’d say, ‘I’m a 24 here, a 30 there,’” Isabella recalls. “Jeans are often designed as if all women have the same body proportions, which isn’t realistic. Some women had waist-gapping problems, while others found the jeans baggy around the thighs. I knew how difficult it was to find a pair that fit me perfectly.”

From Texas to London: A Journey of Fashion and Business

Isabella relocated from Texas to London, captivated by the city’s allure. After earning an undergraduate degree in business management, she sought to blend her business acumen with her passion for fashion, leading her to the College’s MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries programme.


“The College pushed my creativity, helping me merge the visual aspects of a product with my ideas,” she said. “It helped me articulate my thoughts and turn my ideas into bigger and better concepts.”

Lure Jeans

Introducing Lure Jeans: A Revolution in Denim


These insights culminated in Lure Jeans, an avant-garde women’s denim brand that champions style, inclusivity, and mindfulness. Lure Jeans revolutionises denim with three distinct sizing charts tailored to diverse body shapes, featuring adjustable elements like side snap buttons and tension belts.


As part of her final Master’s project, Isabella curated a brand book showcasing design sketches and the narrative behind Lure Jeans, complemented by a captivating video commercial.


“Jeans are often viewed as disposable due to body size fluctuations,” she observes. “But Lure Jeans aim to last a lifetime. Men’s jeans are sized by waist and inseam length, making shopping easier. It shouldn’t be more complicated for women.”


The Importance of Entrepreneurial Skills in Fashion


Isabella recognised early on the critical role entrepreneurial skills play in the fashion, media, and luxury lifestyle industries. Whether launching a startup or driving innovation within established brands, these skills foster adaptability, leadership, and market competitiveness. Employers prize professionals who infuse entrepreneurial spirit into their roles, propelling growth and fostering creativity within their teams.


The MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries programme empowers students with essential skills through creative and business education. Under Vogue’s expertise, the curriculum delves into branding, marketing, business theory, practice, and financial planning, honing existing skills while deepening insights into fashion and creative sectors intricacies. For remote learners, our online Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries course offers a flexible alternative.

Condé Nast MA Exhibition show

Equipping Future Fashion Entrepreneurs


Armed with insights from the MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries programme, Isabella aspires to launch Lure Jeans, crediting the College for equipping her with essential skills.


“The College teaches you to innovate, blend creativity with practical knowledge, and think forward. I’ve learned so much here. If you love fashion and believe it’s worthy of serious study, Condé Nast College is a great place to be.”


Forge a Future in Fashion Business: Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship


Isabella Haua’s evolution from stylist to visionary entrepreneur underscores the synergy of creativity and business acumen in fashion entrepreneurship—a cornerstone of the industry’s dynamism. Fashion thrives on innovation and adaptability, making entrepreneurial skills indispensable.

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