The January-March 2016 Vogue Fashion Certificate Graduation!

The clink of champagne glasses and a buzz of excitement echoed around the College last week as the tenth cohort of Vogue Fashion Certificate students graduated from their course. The guest of honour was Albert Read, Deputy Managing Director of Condé Nast Publications, who gave an insightful opening speech full of optimism about what lies ahead for this new group of fashion industry bound students. “We are proud to not only have a number of former graduates working within our own ranks at Condé Nast,” Read said, “but equally delighted that so many students are working with our industry partners such as Gucci, Dior, Céline, Harrods and Net-a-Porter to name just a handful.” The rest of the ceremony then ensued with students delightedly collecting their certificates and then spilling out into the Soho night for further fun and celebrations.

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Written by Condé Nast College