Sofie Salis, Fashion & Image, June 2020

Image showing Sofie Salis

The online Fashion & Image course is an amazing experience, through all of the six weeks I learned a lot and gained so much new knowledge on the fashion industry. The course provides the best programme for online studying, it was built perfectly, even the smallest of details! The course and College staff are always there to help, and although it’s online I felt a part of the College community, I got to know people from all around the world and created connections with my fellow students.

My favourite part of the course was the live sessions with the industry speakers, to be able to experience their inside knowledge was so inspiring!

The course gave me the opportunity to develop and improve my confidence and creativity. I would highly recommend the course and I have already registered to do another course at the College! I think that says a lot about the amazing experience I had on the online Fashion & Image course!