Simone Vianna, Fashion & Image online course, October 2020

Image showing Simone Vianna, Fashion & Image and Fashion Styling online courses alumna

When I received the invite to attend the Fashion & Image online course at Condé Nast College it was a breath of fresh air into my soul.

Each week of classes was like participating in a feast, tasting bite by bite. Attending live sessions with industry speakers was an opportunity that I will cherish and value forever. I could see how much attention to detail and care the academics and guests had put into each session. Their wealth of knowledge and experience has helped me tremendously to align myself, calibrate my life to what is relevant, sustainable and useful for my career in the fashion world. 

I chose Condé Nast College because I know that Condé Nast publishing company is still maintaining the core, the integrity, in the business,  and keeps it relevant and fresh. 

The reason why I had picked the Fashion & Image course was because I grew up in Brazil reading paper magazines like Vogue, Mademoiselle and others. When I moved to California I started reading more magazines from Condé Nast, which have always enriched my life through beautiful images and articles. I knew that the Fashion & Image course would be the next step I needed in my career and I could achieve that attending this course. 

If I could I would take this course all over again, this course is like watching your favorite movie over and over again; you never get tired. I recommend this course to anyone that it is ready to enhance their life within the fashion world.