Sadaf Fatima Punjoo, Vogue Foundation, 2020-2021

Sadaf Punjoo Foundation Alumna

During my time at Condé Nast College, we were presented with so many challenges. With the national lockdown and the COVID 19 pandemic, I was excited to start my in-person classes at the Vogue Foundation Programme. It was an unforgettable experience as we managed to progress with our education and form industry connections despite being online. Condé Nast College will always be a fond memory for my classmates and I, whether it was getting the chance to host an industry talk during my foundation year or having the opportunity to attend Stella McCartney’s launch of her new collection and press event online.

Condé Nast College has a way of bringing people together from all over the world. That diversity had made this experience so intriguing as not only did we learn about the fashion industry here in London but all over the world. The programme pushed me to explore all areas of the fashion industry by writing articles for the Condé Nast blog or encouraging me to put my work out there on Instagram. While the pandemic was not the ideal way to begin our journey into the fashion industry, Condé Nast College gave us an unforgettable experience. 


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