Tom Clark, Online: Digital Content Creation, March 2022

Tom Clark, Online Alumni

My time spent participating on the Digital Content Creation course was infinitely worthwhile, from the friendly and encouraging environment to the insight from the insanely talented and knowledgeable industry speakers and tutors, I never felt 1 second was wasted.

If you are looking for a gateway to enter fashion studies or the industry itself, this is a great place to start!!

I was given the opportunity to be full in my expression of myself and my work as I was surrounded by like minded individuals who have the same or similar interests and visions as me that have personalities of encouragement and inspiration.

This course from start to finish provided me with excellent insight into the Digital Creative industries, including how brands have adapted to use and currently use the Digital era to help distinguish themselves amongst the competition.

Another amazing factor to this course is the incredible insight from individuals who have already shone within the industry. It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to pick the brains of those who have went before us and how we can take their knowledge and inspiration to include within our work and aspirations.

The tutor Sophie is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of interacting with and Is a bundle of joy and knowledge to be surrounded by. I am very appreciative to have studied under Sophie and I hope you get the opportunity to do so too!

If you would like to follow along the Journey of my 3 way project called Phre, I have included the Instagram account below, the first social account has been created to allow you to keep up with the lifestyle Phre is going to create for hopefully many.

My Personal Instagram @ is also below, If you have any questions about the course or Conde Nast itself, then my DM’s are Open – @Tom.clxrk

As mentioned, I hope you take the amazing opportunity Conde Nast has to offer and I hope to see you guys within the Industry or at Conde Nast very soon!