Alice Tramontina, Online: Creative Direction, August 2022


I’ve been a student of Condè Nast back in 2014, on the Summer Intensive Course and that was a life changing experience for me. I decided to apply to the Creative Direction Online Course because I needed a solid base for the role I am covering on my job at this moment.

Creative Direction course was beyond my high expectations, I strongly recommend it to everyone. I just completed the course and I feel very refreshed, filled with brand new ideas, empowered by the new knowledge and tools I have acquired.

I loved every task and challenge of this course, and the industry speakers were absolutely inspiring. I also feel very inspired by the other students in my cohort. During the course, I’ve been learning from everybody for which I feel super grateful!

I always keep an eye on Condè Nast College courses and this won’t be the last course I did. When I think about my education I think about Condè Nast College.