Megan Meaney, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication, 2018-2020

Headshot Megan Meaney BA Alumna

The degree is very intense and you can’t let your concentration slip for a minute but it’s so worth it. The industry speakers the College attracts are of such a high calibre that it’s easy to stay focused because they’re so fascinating. We heard from really big names and had the chance to ask them questions and get their insight. They really wanted to be helpful too and loads of them were happy to link up on social media and keep the conversation going, well after they’d given their talks. We had some amazing trips as part of the course. We went to New York and met Anna Wintour, and how many students get the chance to say that?

I work now as a buying assistant at MatchesFashion which I would say is all down to my degree. When I started at the College, I knew I wanted to be involved with product but I didn’t know exactly what area I wanted to go into. I chose a module option about buying and right away I knew this was what I wanted to do. My group graduated during lockdown so getting work experience was incredibly difficult, but it was the skills I learnt during my buying module which helped me get my foot in the door.

Everything I learnt had real, practical value. We did a collaborative industry project with Coach and it wasn’t just a theoretical, ‘Imagine you’re working for Coach,’ exercise at all. We went to the store and talked to people working there and actually acted as consultants for them. It was all real and I don’t think you’d get that level of genuine involvement anywhere else.