Mariya Bondareva, Vogue Summer Intensive 2014

Mariya Bondareva Vogue Intensive Summer alumna
It would not be an exaggeration to say that I own Condé Nast College my relocation from Ukraine to the U.K. Everything started from VOGUE Summer Intensive Course when a girl with a dream saw a feature of the course in Vogue Magazine and arrived at Heathrow a few weeks later.
Justly anticipated, the course was fun and challenging at the same time, as we took part in discussions, competitions, tours to art galleries and Vogue House.
Led by an inspiring team of lecturers, the 4 -week-long course has a remarkable structure and includes a variety of the learning activities and entertaining events within the programme. We learned the importance of the mesmerising world of fashion together as one big class and teaming up as smaller groups for exciting photoshoots and other projects.
I found friends, and even though I have not seen some of them for years, we still keep in touch and even collaborate creatively.
We all support each other, and some of them inspired me to launch my own small business – the e-shop “Ukrainian Atelier“.
Conde Nast College has been an important milestone in my life, and I would recommend it to everyone who already works in fashion or just decided to start.
You can also watch a conversation with Mariya on our IGTV here.