Ko Cheng, MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media, 2019-2020

Ko Cheng MA alumni

At first I wasn’t too sure on what I was wanting to study, so I arranged myself to attend an open day with CNC. I knew that I wanted to change my career direction into fashion media and initially was interested to study how magazines worked in today’s world. Till this day I remember very clearly how the professor answered, “Oh don’t you worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know”. With a comical look, as if I’m in for a treat. I knew from that brief conversation that CNC was the place to challenge myself.

Enrolling into the MA Creative Direction, I felt a real sense of a community across all courses. The professors are very well connected with industry experts and won’t hesitate to contact the most suitable person to mentor the class across a project. They will even go as far as contacting mentors for a single student. For me this is very valuable.

The college far exceeded my expectations and I learnt many new skills, despite the beginnings of the global pandemic. The college was very quick to adapt to the drastic change. Most importantly, I connected with many industry professionals and with other students from many different countries.

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