Heather Texter, MA Fashion Communication 2019-2020

Image showing Heather Texter, MA Fashion Communication

Before getting my MA Fashion Communication degree, I did not know what this would entail as a focused study. What I did know is I wanted to gain experience in the fashion industry and pair it with my undergraduate degree in marketing. This was the beginning of my decision to choose a college and perspectives for my future career path.

I don’t recall exactly how I came across Condé Nast College, but I was happy that I did. As a leader in media publications and, in particular, a strength in fashion, with titles like Vogue, I knew that the learning experience would be like no other. The reasons that followed in my decision-making were the industry speakers who spoke at the college on a weekly basis with the students. Hearing from a variety of professionals was a privilege of the college that I always looked forward to attending. 

My modules were just as enjoyable as the instructors, who always wanted you to succeed and encouraged you to improve. Every term, I saw my progress increase and knew I was capable, because my instructors led me to keep going. What’s more, my classmates and I had a project where we presented a presentation to the Condé Nast Business Innovation team! My outlook on attending Condé Nast College was truly unique and worth the amazing opportunities that came with it.

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