Gregory Beckwith, Vogue Summer Intensive, 2021

Always having an interest in fashion, it wasn’t until the Condé Nast Vogue Summer Intensive Program that I knew, and thought that I had the capability, to make the fashion industry my career path.

Learning even more than I deemed imaginable prior to the program, I started each day eager, and looking forward to, the opportunity of what was to come. Essentially shadowing someone new each day, I was learning from professionals who were excelling at my dream jobs, doing tasks that I’ve only seen done in movies, and working alongside people each day on projects that made me feel as though I was actually working, and contributing, to the industry.

Grateful for the experience I’m not only taking away amazing work experience, I’m also taking away friends from all over the world that I am confident will be with me for years to come. Meeting people from Ireland, France, Portugal, and other places, the diversity of the program was another thing that made the program so unique.

Traveling to London from America, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never lived in a foreign country, never lived alone, and had never done something this much out of my comfort zone. But thanks to the people I met in the program and the college staff, I went from being in the big city of London all alone, to feeling comfortable and like the city was my own in just a few weeks.

If you’re thinking of applying, or attending, this program, I encourage you to do it full heartedly. It will not only be an experience of a lifetime, but help prepare you for all your future endeavors.

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