Georgia Smith, Fashion & Image, June 2020

Image showing Georgia Smith

There are things within the fashion industry that you don’t necessarily learn until you are in a work position – whereas on this course I have been able to learn all these little details because we have been lucky enough to have had the live sessions with industry professionals.

The course has informed me on how the industry works and helped shape what I want to do. I have also learnt more about the fashion industry during the live sessions with industry professionals who expanded my awareness about this industry.

I have loved being able to upload my work to the forum and have tutors and students comment, the advice and feedback is so important to me.

In the future I would love to develop my skills and knowledge by doing a BA degree in Fashion Communication at Condè Nast College.

Since taking the course in June 2020, Georgia also completed Digital Content Creation course in January 2021. You can view Georgia’s work from both courses on her own webpage here.