Gabriel Summerfield, Vogue Foundation, 2020-2021

Gabriel Summerfield Alumnus

During my time at Conde Nast College, I had an extraordinary experience and one that offers a unique, world class education in the Fashion Industry.

Studying the Vogue Foundation Programme gave me valuable industry knowledge and enabled me to connect with other fashion forward peers from all over the globe.

All the staff at the College were unbelievably kind and encouraging which made assignments and lectures not only insightful, but also fun. Lectures with industry professionals enabled a first-hand approach like no other with the ability to learn from figures within the industry, which included an Interview hosted by Sadaf Punjoo and I with Michael Christensen of GQ Australia, a lecture with Dame Anna Wintour and visits such as The Banksy Exhibition and Bags: Inside Out at the V&A. The Foundation Programme enables students a broad yet detailed spectrum of careers within the industry which is perfect for those wanting a career in the creative field but do not know exactly what they want to specialise in.

Course leader, Fiona Howells, inspired and supported us all and even during Covid and over Zoom, she made us feel at ease and part of a family which enabled us all to form friendships, lifelong connections and amazing learning outcomes.

I would highly recommend the Vogue Foundation Course and would like to extend my thank you to all the staff for an extraordinary experience whilst studying at Conde Nast College.

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