Emily Marcus, Vogue Summer Intensive, 2019

I had the sincere honor and pleasure of attending the Vogue Summer Intensive Course in 2019. The four weeks I spent learning under the direction of impressive faculty and guest speakers, and widening my skill-set alongside the diverse student body, not only furthered my love for fashion and business but provided me with the opportunity to expand my company, Emily Blair Media, upon my return to Los Angeles, where I live full time.

I wholeheartedly believe that my experience at the Vogue Summer Intensive Course made me a more confident, passionate, and well-rounded businesswoman, able to serve my clients in multiple areas that I otherwise couldn’t have. After expanding my skill-set in styling, producing, and creative directing at the college, I have gone on to utilize this niche ability professionally. I have styled, produced, and creatively directed cover shoots for multiple magazines my clients have appeared on, including FHM, Icon, BSquared, LaPalme, and I am currently brokering a deal with Vogue Ukraine.

I have immense gratitude for the people I met during the course who broadened my understanding of media and allowed me to soar to greater heights in business than I ever could have imagined. Part of what made my experience so wonderful and inspiring was hearing from the guest speakers and alumni, who shared how the program influenced them personally and professionally as well. I would be happy to speak about my educational and life-changing experience at Conde Nast. At 22 years old, I am very proud of what I have accomplished and excited for what the future holds!