Ellie Schiess Fleming, VOGUE Summer School: Fashion Media, July 2023

Ellie Schiess Fleming, Alumna

Over the past month in London, I’ve had a remarkable and unforgettable experience. I’ve been given tools to navigate the fashion industry and gained more knowledge than I could have hoped for in such a short period of time.

Throughout the month, I also had the opportunity to help with Condé Nast’s social media & have learned so much creating content for their social pages.


The people I’ve met during this experience have been perspective altering. Professors, lecturers, industry professionals, and classmates alike have influenced my life in such a positive way.


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again (and probably a few more times after that), if you’re interested in the fashion industry and don’t know where to start, consider Condé Nast College. From the faculty of accomplished and insightful professors to its impressive roster of influential alumni, Condé Nast is a breeding ground of excellence.

To read Ellie’s full review of the four weeks visit her posts on LinkedIn page here.