Danny Farhat, Fashion & the Future of Brands, October 2020

Image showing Dany Farhat, Fashion & the Future of Brands graduate

Time passed so quickly on the course; my introduction to the world of the fashion industry was very interesting. I have worked in this field for four years to get this far now and am learning and experiencing the fashion and luxury brands history, strategy and future goals.

This course made me realise that every detail should be used to good advantage. Academics and professionals teaching and introducing the tasks, live lectures, presentations and discussions were so professional, enthusiastic and exciting.

The clarity and the flexibility of the topics and tasks were organised to suit everyone. The course was very useful and manageable – from the concept of the subjects and recorded sessions to the timings, and all without adding any kind of pressure.

The communication and interaction on this course was so helpful, with support, ideas and advice easily available. It was interesting and stimulating to gain this amount of new information and knowledge, and it has made me so curious to learn even more about different areas within this industry. Somehow you feel included and part of this community and the college itself.

The online course platform felt so comfortable and easy to work on using Canvas. After this pandemic is over I will look to continue to develop myself and my career by adding more knowledge from different courses, and to achieve my main goal of completing a master’s degree in an area of this industry.