Caroline McWilliams, Vogue Summer Intensive, 2016

Caroline McWilliams Alumna
The summer I spent at the College was among the best, if not the best of my life. I was incredibly nervous when I arrived in London, but luckily one of my fellow students was someone I knew a little from university. Nerves soon turned to a sense of belonging as I knew I had made the best possible decision by attending the College. I already knew that I had an interest in fashion history and publishing but the course permitted me to learn new technological skills and continually pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity as it helped me to become the confident person I am today.
Since leaving the College, I have completed two degrees in History and I am now a PhD Candidate focusing on media history and the British upper classes, with a distinct fashion flavour. If I had not studied at the College, I doubt that I would have become one of the first people to conduct academic research into Tatler or bring the history of fashion magazines to conferences. While I have not gone directly into the fashion industry, I believe that my case demonstrates one of the wonderful things about Condé Nast College: the enormous number of doors it can open. Studying there has given me so many wonderful opportunities and I know that my future career will be aligned in some way with the history of fashion. I wish every day that I could return to those warm summer days in 2016.