Bridget Knowles, One Week Fashion Journalism, Autumn 2020

Image showing Bridget Knowles

Condé Nast’s One Week Journalism Course was a perfect safe space for me to explore how I write within the realm of fashion. I was taught how to better fine tune my writing and develop ideas that truly speak to people. 

As a business student with an Economics degree, I was searching for a course that could show me another facet to the fashion industry so that I could be better prepared for future opportunities. This course not only does that, but surpasses the expectation entirely. The course leaders create a fantastic open environment of fashion media experts that share their personal experiences, the secrets of the industry, and how you can get yourself on track to becoming a prominent voice in fashion journalism.

Condé Nast helps you feel confident in your fashion media knowledge and better prepared for any journalistic challenge. You are given the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring, like-minded people and be entirely creative in every project you jump into, all while enjoying Soho, one of the most vibrant areas in London. If you are looking to break into what you love the most, explore a passion, discipline your writing habits, and learn the insides and outs of the fashion media industry from, quite literally, the best – don’t look further. This is the fashion course to get you where you want to be.

Bridget also wrote a piece for the Student Blog exploring the subject of the Future of Fashion