Arina Shcherbina, Vogue Foundation, 2020-2021

Arina Shcherbina Foundation Alumna

Choosing to study the Vogue Foundation programme at Condé Nast was a spontaneous decision which at the end turned out to be the golden ticket into the world of fashion. Due to this course combining so many elements from practical to theoretical, I have managed to broaden my depth of understanding of fashion, art, history and culture. But the greatest thing about this course, is that despite it being very rich and intensive in modules, it fully allows and encourages freedom of expression. It allows you to learn, absorb and then create something that would display and encapsulate your own understanding of art and fashion.


I have worked side by side with the best creative professionals of the industry, and I’m not just talking about the course leaders, but about the students too. Thanks to this course, I was able to explore and navigate my own passions in the fashion industry and finally study in Creative Direction for Fashion, in London College of Fashion.