Alicia Nicholds, Creative Direction, April 2021

Alicia Nicholds Online Courses Alumna

I recently completed the online Fashion Styling course through Condé Nast College and gained so much insight and knowledge through it I decided that it would be hugely beneficial to study another. I chose the Creative Direction course in order to gain more knowledge of an area of the fashion industry that I didn’t know too much about.


Through this course I have learned so much about what it takes to be a Creative Director and the roles and responsibilities that they have. We have all had to look for inspiration from past and present successful Creative Directors and how they might look in the future. 


We learnt about Creative Direction through Live Lecturers and Pre-Recorded Lectures, through reading, watching, and listening tasks and our Course Leader sessions with the brilliant Ruth. The tasks set each week helped us to put our newly learnt skills/ideas into practice, especially the final masterpiece portfolio task!


I am grateful for how much my confidence has grown throughout these courses through interacting regularly with other international-based and like-minded students, who I am keen to maintain contact with. I have been amazed at how much my industry knowledge has developed because of the short courses. The encouragement and guidance from Ruth and the team have been invaluable to this growth. I really feel a part of the Condé Nast Family.  These courses are brilliant for those with little/no experience, but a growing love for the fashion industry, or for those who are looking to further their knowledge in specific aspects of the industry.


The Industry Guest Speaker sessions were incredibly inspiring and truly helped us to see that there are so many alternative ways to get into the industry and many more jobs than we ever thought possible! The speakers and mentors on the course were always there to offer tips and advice for any questions I had about the industry and how to get into my chosen field. 


I am aiming to move into modelling and truly feel that the knowledge I have attained through the courses I have taken at Condé Nast will help me to achieve my career aspirations.


P.S. I have a highlight on my Instagram account named ‘Coursework’ which features some of the coursework I completed for all 3 courses I have completed at the college.