Abigail Bradbury, Digital Content Creation, June 2021

Abigail Bradbury headshot

I absolutely loved studying Digital Content Creation with Condé Nast College. It has always been a dream of mine to study with them and I was ecstatic to see that the digital content creation course was available online. I am working towards a career in Digital Marketing for a well known organisation/brand, so when I saw Condé Nast College offered something that could go towards this I couldn’t wait to apply to take part in the course.

When I first started the course I had good knowledge of the fashion industry and how to create digital content on social media platforms but I would say it was pretty standard and I was desperate to know more. Over the course duration I saw my knowledge of the fashion industry grow immensely, due to the tools and information the course provided. I also learnt a wide range of websites and systems to create different content for social media platforms. My thinking and planning is now much stronger and I can clearly see what types of content would be great to use for a brand to advertise or engage with their audience.

I felt truly inspired by my course leader Sophie who always provided great feedback and knowledge, she really took the time to understand the way I saw things and gave in depth, honest feedback. The lectures and industry professionals who engaged with us on this course were so inspiring and were great in showing different ways of promoting and creating content. The information provided, such as the ethical approaches along with staying authentic with the chosen brand is something I have learnt a lot from.

The course gave me the opportunity to do a week’s work experience with Glamour Magazine, a magazine I have read since my teens, I was able to attend meetings and write articles for them, which was a dream come true. The course has provided so much information on how to keep up to date with news and trends, I think I will carry on using sites such as BOF and Vogue Business to keep updated regularly. I am now confident to use what I have learnt to keep building a portfolio and apply for my dream job within the fashion/beauty industry. I would like to do another course with Condé Nast College, this has honestly gone way above my expectations.

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