Abby Young, 5 Days of Fashion Journalism, June 2023

Abby Young, 5 Days Of Fashion Styling, June 2023

This program is perfect for those at any point of their fashion careers, whether they’re exploring the idea, just starting out, and even those that are already established in their field. I’ve been a professional wardrobe stylist for four years, and I found the 5 Days of Fashion Styling to be an incredibly special and invaluable experience. I loved collaborating with peers from all different levels of styling from throughout the world.

I was taught by true masters of fashion styling as well as teachers and mentors who are still relevant in the fashion industry today. We not only heard from experts within Condé Nast but Vogue and Glamour magazines as well.

One of the things I loved most was creating a mock Vogue magazine collaborating with other students from the Fashion Business, Creative Direction, and Fashion Journalism courses. This project gave me insight into how the magazine is put together, how everything works together, is decided on, and chosen. I have a greater appreciation for fashion and an even greater love for my career as a stylist after taking this course! I highly recommend this course to any existing stylists or people interested in exploring a styling career.

Outside of the exciting assignments, speakers, and access to Vogue resources, the connections and lifelong lessons that I left with are what make this course all the more worthwhile.

Abby is a certified & published fashion stylist located in Silicon Valley with speciality in personal styling, color analysis and runway, commercial, and editorial styling. As the CEO of Abby Young Styling, she leads a team that guides six & seven-figure professionals  to achieve a powerful, elevated self-image through the power of their wardrobe and help curate a stylish, modern brand image for companies at any level.

Check out Abby’s website here to learn more about her styling services, and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with her future endeavors!