Teo van den Broeke, Style and Grooming Director of GQ visits Condé Nast College

Teo van den Broeke, Style and Grooming Director of GQ visits Condé Nast College

Teo van den Broeke

GQ’s Style & Grooming Director, Teo van den Broek visits the Condé Nast College London for a special in conversation discussing his busy role alongside consulting with major brands. BA (Hons) Fashion Communication student, Holly Dunmore reports…

GQ’s Style &  Grooming Director Teo van den Broeke visits the Condé Nast College London


Teo Van Den Broeke


Taking the Leap into Fashion


Teo has always had an appreciation for fashion and style and at school had a passion for art. He was heavily inspired by the work of Vivienne Westwood, which motivated him to look further into the field of fashion and journalism. Teo has worked at numerous magazine titles, including Wallpaper where he originally started writing fashion features, Mr Porter and Esquire. As Associate Editor at Esquire and working there for 8 years in various positions, he benefited greatly from working at a more niche magazine, allowing him to take on a variety of roles and gave him more creative freedom.

Teo van den Broeke at Condé Nast College London 


Teo’s role as Style and Grooming Director of GQ


As GQ’s Style and Grooming Director, Teo’s job really doesn’t have one description; from giving talks, writing features and creating content, Teo lives and breathes the GQ lifestyle. Involved with the Best Dressed and Grooming Awards every year, Teo always has his eye on the latest trends, visiting fashion shows and events across the world. A key point of discussion was the growing make-up industry for men, epitomising the big shift happening in the grooming industry, with product ranges from Boy De Chanel and War Paint leading the way.

Teo van den broeke at the Condé Nast College 

Inside Industry Advice


Throughout Teo’s years working at many different magazines in a wealth of positions, he shared some much-valued advice to the students who are wishing to pursue their career in journalism or working for a magazine. “If you love something, stay and don’t give it up” – yes, the industry can be challenging at times but through hard work and determination, anything can be achieved. He left on a quote that should be adopted by everyone in the industry, that being to “stay true to yourself and be authentic”. A hugely inspiring talk from Teo, leaving many students aspiring to work in this fast-paced and exciting field…


By Holly Dunmore, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication 

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