Students attend London Fashion Week QASIMI SS25 show

Qasimi SS25

CNC students had the privilege of attending QASIMI’s Spring Summer 2025 show on 8th June at Wapping Power Station. Ying Xuan Ling, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student, reports…

QASIMI’s SS25 marks the London-based brand’s significant return to the runway armed with visually arresting materials, textures, and silhouettes. Welcoming guests at Wapping Power Station, the old industrial venue perfectly captures the brand’s narrative of a travelling urban nomad.

Qasimi SS25 show London Fashion Week press release

The collection is the first live show under the creative direction of Hoor Al Qasimi since she took on the role in 2020. The show served an interplay between art, sculpture, and fashion while exploring themes of identity, history, and socio-politics. Partnering with New York-based artist Kambui Olujimi, the collection draws inspiration from his When Monument Fall series with the concept of “spolia” — the integration of elements from older pieces into new designs. Olujimi’s works can also be seen digitally printed on fabrics with fade and image granulation applied, conveying the passage of time. 

“Everything about the show seemed very organic, for example, the colour order of the runway looks,” BA student Mia Roberts says. 

Qasimi SS25

Opening with fluid silhouettes in pure white, the collection transformed to show khaki-coloured boxy suits before diving into QASIMI’s signature drapes in vibrant blues. Details such as asymmetrical hems and collapsing necklines can be seen as references to architecture while the sand tones and cargo trousers are subtle military references. The juxtaposition of structured pieces with the flowing, ethereal looks, created a dialogue between rigidity and fluidity. This dynamic synergy showcases QASIMI’s ability to blend historical references with modern design sensibilities.

“It was an elegant take on striking simplicity. I felt this show epitomised the concept of less is more.” As our BA student Caroline Pace states, the use of silk twill, sheer cotton voile, and silk-wool blends adds depth and richness to the monochromatic looks, amplifying the visual experience with textures. 

Qasimi SS25

The collaboration between art and fashion did not stop with just Olujimi. The show closed with a topless model with hand-blown glass ornaments around his neck, and torso, and branching out from the arms. Several other looks in the collection also featured coral-like jewellery by Freya Douglas Ferguson. 

Attending a fashion show is the perfect way for our students to learn about the industry. They see the new trends, and they can experience the designer’s vision.  Our students get to see first-hand how designers, models, and other creatives work, and also it’s a chance to build their network. “Very few people outside the fashion industry are invited to attend these exclusive shows, making this a valuable opportunity offered by the College,” says Zoe Souter, Head of Careers.

Qasimi SS25

QASIMI’s SS25 is not just a fashion collection; it is a narrative woven through fabric and form, challenging perceptions and inviting viewers to ponder the layers of history, identity, and culture embedded within each piece. The Spring Summer 2025 collection not only showcases Qasimi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion but also reinforces its role as a storyteller, using garments as a medium to explore and communicate complex cultural narratives.

A special thank you to Michael Dale from Purple PR for inviting our students and making this possible. 

By Ying Xuan Ling, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student