Student Life at Condé Nast College – 10 Things you need to know before starting your course

Student Life at Condé Nast College – 10 Things you need to know before starting your course

Student Life at Condé Nast College

You’ve just booked on to one of the many exciting courses at Condé Nast College, or you’re thinking about doing your BA or MA here – but, you might be wondering what to expect upon arrival. International MA Fashion Communication student from California, Heather Texter reports on student life at Condé Nast College…

Student Life at Condé Nast College

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Student life at Condé Nast College


Discovering Your Course

The Condé Nast College offers options ranging from short one-week courses in fashion business, styling, beauty and fashion journalism, to  undergraduate and postgraduate levels in entrepreneurship, media, creative direction and communication fields.


No matter what course you are considering, it will be a special time to remember. You will, of course, grow tremendously and develop new skills you at times might have never thought were possible. And if you are an international student thinking of attending, it will be a valuable experience that gives you a whole new perspective about the world that not everyone gets a chance to do. It may be a challenge but there is certainly a reward.

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10 Things to Expect as a Condé Nast College Student


Student Life at Condé Nast College


  1. A new place can be daunting but it also means new opportunities. Attend every day with an open mind. Explore the possibilities that can take place and leave each day feeling like although you might be exhausted, so much new was learned.

Be yourself


2. Keep an open mind while learning, it’s also important to always push yourself to do better. After all, you have chosen to attend for a reason and with that said, show your skills and be yourself!


Learn to balance your studies & downtime


3. You will be challenged. It is a place for learning and it might feel overwhelming at times. Try your best to always think outside of the box. But don’t let yourself get too frustrated or stressed. Focus on one step at a time and know that if you made it through today you can surely make it tomorrow.

Student life at Condé Nast College


Grow your professional skills & contacts


4. Not only will there be challenges and projects to focus on but it should also be a time for yourself to explore. You can expect to go through an array of emotions during your studies – especially as the courses are intensive, but this will also help you grow as a person, both personally and professionally –  and have the time of your life.

Student life at Condé Nast College


International students – Make friends from all over the world


5. Due to the close knit student population – you can expect to quickly meet other students and become new best buddies with people from all different cultures. Forming friendships with these new friends from different countries will give you new ways of looking at life. Plus, it’s always interesting to learn the similarities and differences between each other.

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Access to amazing Industry Speakers


6. Turning back to what to expect at Condé Nast College – the industry speakers each week are amazing and really enrich your learning. It is a day you shouldn’t miss as people from various career paths come in to chat about their work, how they got there, and motivate us on how to begin achieving our dreams. It’s also a great time for us as students to ask any questions we might have about their role or other particular areas of interest.


Student Trips – Visit Condé Nast in New York


7. Another exciting opportunity is the well anticipated New York City trip that the undergraduate and postgraduate students get to take during the year. Students get to visit the Condé Nast headquarters at the One World Trade Center and travel around the city to different museums. It is a time to explore with fellow cohorts and maybe have a few Gossip Girl moments as well.


Enjoy the London life


8. Being based in the heart of Central London, you can expect that your time at the College will also be full of sightseeing opportunities. Remember to use some of your off days as a tourist. Enjoy the sights, visit museums, check out the markets, and explore the city. Maybe even take a trip outside of the city.

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Condé Nast College Student Life


Get out and about in Soho


9. While you are exploring, try some new food. Be adventurous. Grab some classmates and head to for dinner after class. The College is right in Soho and is full of great places and exciting things to see.


Enhance your adulting skills


10. Lastly, expect to become independent. Sometimes going to college is the first chance to fully experience this. It may be daunting but it will also open up new avenues and allow you to continue developing and exploring your passions. A time to learn, discover and grow as a person.


Ultimately, you get out what you put in. Going to college and learning new skills and life long lessons is not only important for your future career upon leaving, but also for yourself as an individual. Enjoy your studies and at the end of your course, you will be proud to have accomplished it…and had a great time doing so!

By Heather Texter, MA Fashion Communication

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