Roberta Annan Image

Roberta Annan

Businesswoman, UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, Founder African Fashion Foundation

Roberta Annan is the UN Environment Program (UNEP) Goodwill Ambassador for the Creative Economy and the Founder of African Fashion Foundation (AFF), IFFAC Investment Holdings, and Frallain Group. Recently Roberta convened the inaugural AFF Industry Retreat, the first-ever in West Africa.  An award-winning entrepreneur, Roberta is committed to raising the economic potential of Africa through investments in capacity building, creative arts, technology, and infrastructure. She sits on the board of the Frallain Group, Industrie Africa, Women’s Empowerment and Investment Group (WEIG), and Ghana France Business Club. Roberta draws from her wealth of experience across various markets globally while using her extensive network to help startup entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the market and scale globally. Her interests span mentorship, funding startups, and investing in infrastructure for the creative economy. Roberta is involved in conversations on socio-economic issues in Africa including women empowerment, entrepreneurship, youth unemployment, gender parity.