Shooting Stella McCartney on the MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media

MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media

MA student Megan McClelland catches up with student Kait Dawson to find out what it was like shooting Stella McCartney accessories as part of the MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media.  


MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media


Kait Dawson is one of the students on the Creative Direction pathway for the MA Fashion Media Practice course which is soon to be a stand-alone programme entitled MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media

Stella McCartney Condé Nast College
Image by Kait Dawson


Kait graduated in 2019 with a BFA in Studio Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design. It was around this time that she started her brand, Hooga Wear, which is a line of screen-printed apparel inspired by Scandinavian design, as well as her passions for traveling and mental health awareness. She is currently learning how to shoot analogue photography, after more than a decade of digital experience, as a method of practice-based research for her thesis this summer. 

Earlier in the academic year, Kait had the opportunity to lead a college-set project as creative director for a Stella McCartney Instagram campaign.


MA Fashion Media Practice Creative Direction
Image by Nova Dando of MA students working on an Instagram campaign for Stella McCartney


 “I incorporated elements of circles to reference the circular nature of sustainability, my own flower photography, and love for collaging,” Kait said of her assignment. 


Once she graduates, Kait would like to work at a small creative agency as part of a team so that she can work on a variety of projects. Entering the industry, she hopes to learn as much as she can about every facet of being a creative director and would like to be based in a small town or city in a mountainous region. Kait states her hopes to “learn from the others around me, which has been my favorite part of being a student at CNC.”


MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media
Image by Kait Dawson

About the MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media Programme


The MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media is a unique industry-focused programme that allows you to learn about visual storytelling, media branding, and multi-media production. Drawing on Condé Nast’s deep knowledge and expertise, the course delivery is a mixture of taught academic content, practical and technical workshops, independent research as well as masterclasses from leading industry professionals in exploring the creative, commercial and critical dimensions of print, digital and experiential fashion media.


The Condé Nast College MA programmes operate over four x 10 week terms with the next intake starting in December for induction and classes from January 2021. 


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By Megan McClelland