Pure London: An Afternoon at Kensington Olympia

Pure London: An Afternoon at Kensington Olympia

As one of the many perks of being a student at Condé Nast College, we were let loose around the famous fashion buying event, Pure London. Upon entering the venue, we were all taken aback, as the huge hall was scattered with various up and coming designers and bespoke stalls showing luxury and high street goods side by side. For us students, this was like some sort of alternative dream world, with beautiful clothes and industry professionals surrounding us.

One of the first designers that really caught my eye was Kraken Counter Couture. They describe themselves on their website as a high-end fashion brand, bespoke atelier and costume studio, designed by Caterina Schmitt. The clothes were breathtaking, with neon latex creations shown alongside crazy sequin pieces. The use of bright pink and lime green was avant-garde and brave and my fellow students and I stood, jaws to the floor in awe of the gorgeous pieces.

Other beautiful designers that I noted were liana and Morozka, the latter of the two displaying bespoke embroidered jackets in a beautiful shade of red paired with blacks and whites, described on their website as a ‘Spanish luxury fashion house’ founded by Katerina Anosova/

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Not only were there fantastic collections on display but also a roster of wonderful speakers. A particular talk I sat in on was given by founder of Liberty London Girl, Sasha Wilkins, giving advice on the right way to work with influencers in the industry. It was fascinating to hear how she made her way into the industry in creating her blog, and how it was a niche occupation at the time of creation.

The event was eye-opening for anyone wishing to get ahead in the fashion industry, or just to look at beautiful clothes! The tickets are free for anyone and can be accessed via their website, make sure to catch it next season!