October-December 2015 Certificate Students Graduate!

October-December 2015 Certificate Students Graduate!

There were both tears and cheers at the October-December 2015 Vogue Fashion Certificate graduation ceremony last week. Friends and family joined the students for their big moment and there was much excitement that Dylan Jones, the Editor of British GQ, was present as the keynote speaker. “I have been watching the progress of the College from inception to now,” he said, “and it is exciting to see the alumni taking up such a diverse and impressive roster of jobs all across the globe, including, I’m happy to say, on our own commercial team at GQ.” Jones then went on to give plenty of inspiring tips about how to get ahead in the fashion industry including being utterly relentless, volunteering for absolutely everything, being a problem solver and someone who can get things done. “I’m sure you all have wonderful careers ahead of you,” he said to the rapt students, “so long as you work incredibly hard and follow my advice!”

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