My First Week at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

My First Week at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

My First Week at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

New CNC London student, Rebecca Evans-White reflects on her first week at the college…

On 1st October my cohort and I started a new and exciting chapter in our lives. It was our first week at Condé Nast College, full of a mix of nerves and excitement. The Ice breakers at the end of the first day got everybody laughing and more comfortable with the people that we are going to be spending the next two years with.

We started off with welcome tales and we were given the college tote bag that is always popping up on my social media feeds. This is one thing that I was embarrassingly excited about, as were we all. We were given lots of information about the college and the courses. Lunch was provided for us, a healthy selection from Le Pain Quotidien. Perfect for us to all sit in a classroom and get to know each other in a more informal – and less daunting manner.


Throughout the week, we were shown how to use the library and other resources at the college – I was thrilled by the resources open to us such as the British, American and Italian Vogue archives – as well as many websites that we can use to aid our research.

Later on in the week, we headed down to the ‘Spice of Life’ Soho pub, for the traditional CDN pub quiz. As far as pub quizzes go I would say it’s a classy event. I enjoyed being amongst people sat around sipping white wine and answering fashion focused questions. This event was great fun and really brought people together.

Our week concluded with an interesting talk about Condé Nast as a company and its links to the college and our education. We were then taken over to L’Escargot, a stunning French restaurant famous for dishes including snails and given our honorary membership so we have another chic surrounding to hang out with our new classmates at.


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